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Support for Action Navigation

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So... I'm an electronic musician with a lot of MIDI apps and utilities, so I'm making a MIDI workflow to suit my ends. All is working, but as I want to support quite a number of actions, I'm having difficulty having the actions being displayed in order when I type in the workflow name. Being able to such would really speed things up for me.


Unimaginatively enough, the workflow name and keyword is MIDI. When I type MIDI (any case), I want any of the 10-15 actions supported by that workflow to be listed in the order I have declared them in the workflow, in the drop down list beneath the keyword search bar. 


Obviously, as MIDI is such a common word in this area of things, I have tons of MIDI apps with MIDI in the title. As a result, Alfred lists a combination of these MIDI apps in and alongside the MIDI actions I've created in the MIDI workflow, which is confusing. Obviously, I could change the keyword to M or something, but thats too easy :P


So- with file search for example, I can navigate to a folder and see a list of folders and files that are contained within any matches, or actions which can be performed upon a selection, if you check out the file search screen shot at http://support.alfredapp.com/features:file-search. I'm hoping for something similar in terms of UI exploration of actions available withiin a workflow.


Is there any such thing as 'Action Navigation' in Alfred, such that if I type in the name of an workflow, that all of its actions are listed without any interruption from any matching application or file names?


Hope that makes sense. Seems likes the kind of thing that Alfred would do, but just can't find any way of doing so. Let me know if you want any more info.



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