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I made a simple VPN toggle Workflow which helps you to toggle quickly to any VPN you want to. 

- Import the Workflow-data into Alfred 2
- Open the first AppleScript, search "YourDefaultVPNName" and replace it with the name of your most-used VPN connection.


to toggle your default VPN-Connection

vpn NameOfAnVPNConnection

to toggle the VPN-Connection of your choice!
Last but not least - the .alfredworkflow-file: http://d.pr/f/kMRh

Have fun with it :-)

Update: There was one untranslated description. 

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Is there a way to extend this workflow to automatically pause all Transmission file transfers?? Say when it connects to the VPN, if Transmission is running it would pause all transfers and then resume them after it disconnects?


I think it would be a nice addition. I'd use it to respect the wishes of my VPN Service (which doesn't allow P2P transfers while connected). Sometimes I forget to pause the transfers and I'd rather not face the penalties (added costs/reduced bandwidth) of violating they're usage policies. 


If it's too much of a chore, could you point me in the right direction? I'm not a programmer, btw... but if it's simple enough I think I could manage to set it up.


Anyways, kudos for the great workflow. I use it often.



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