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Problem while setting up "Related Apps" keyboard shortcuts.

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I am trying to set app based keyboard shortcuts. 


Here is what I tried.


I set up a keyboard shortcut for the first workflow (the keyboard shortcut is available when TextExpander has focus).


Then I tried to set the keyboard shortcut up with one new workflow. 


The keyboard shortcut is not available anymore...  I can't type it.


It looks like one keyboard shortcut can be used by different applications (Alfred, Excel, Google Chrome, ...) but not by more than one workflow.


Am I right?



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Thanks Vitor.


@vero That's the kind of information I would like to see in the note in the "Related Apps" pane  ;)


I've added it to the help page about Hotkey Triggers accessed through the question mark through the Hotkey and Related Apps panes for that object.


As you can imagine, we can't add every tip or bit of text to the preferences themselves or it would be a mess of text-heavy preference panes :)

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