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Look up Lyrics of Current iTunes Song on Rap Genius

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Hi everyone,


Using a simple keyword "lyrics" (with no arguments), my workflow searches Rap Genius for the current playing song in iTunes.


I am open to feedback, feel free to share bugs or potential improvements.




Using fn and control as modifiers, you can now look up the current playing song on Spotify and Rdio, respectively.


Download here: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/96666467/alfred_lyrics.alfredworkflow

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Hi Ryan,


First thing, thank you for this great workflow.


I was looking for something that could do that this for months :)


I'd like to know if it's possible to open Rap Genius search page in Chrome.

It's my default browser on Mavericks and it should be great to get the page on it instead of on Safari.


Big up,


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The simplest fix to do this is to open the workflow and just replace every instance of the word "Safari" with "Google Chrome"


If that doesn't work, then change

tell window 1 to set current tab to (make new tab with properties {URL:theURL})


open location theURL
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Try the following:


This code:

set theURL to "http://www.google.com"
tell application "Google Chrome"
	set newTab to make new tab at end of tabs of window 1
	set URL of newTab to theURL
end tell

will open Google in a new tab in Chrome. The address for Google is saved as a variable (`theURL`), which is the same variable name that the workflow uses (if I remember correctly). So just adapt that code where relevant above.

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