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Following up a request re: my Case Converter workflow, I've put together a case converter focused on code.


It's hosted on Packal: Code Case


There is a single script filter codecase which converts the argument
and copies it to the clipboard.
The example shows a space delimited argument, but it will also convert between any of the cases, e.g. Camel -> Pascal, so
codecase myGreatVariableName
will return
The workflow also contains blank hotkeys for each of the conversions (set up to act on selected text and paste into the frontmost app). 
1.2.1 (2014-08-29):
- updated to use Alfred Workflow 1.8.6
1.2 (2014-08-29):
- added hotkeys
1.1 (2014-08-29):
- added Cobra Case (capitalized Snake Case) and separate words
- added uids so Alfred will sort results based on frequency of usage
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Awesome! One more dfay workflow I will use 10x everyday  :)


Feature request :

If you could add a mix of the Camel case and the Pascal case (First letter of the word is a capital letter / space between words are replaced by an underscore --> My_Great_Variable_Name), I would be the happiest. (I name my files/folders using this case).

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