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[Feature request] Scroll through Alfred's results (i.e. with the "tab" key).


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The tab "key", when set in Alfred's preferences, display the actions menu.


I would like to be able to browse through Alfred's results with the "key" tab when not set to display actions.

Or any other key... But the tab key looks like the best at this.


Cmd+"" is good, but is about selecting a result, not about browsing through results.


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Hey Ripcordian,


Sorry for the late answer. Apparently I was not following the topic  :(


You are absolutely right!


I sat Alfred up so that I can have up to 20 results.


Many times, I get 10 results to the query I do and the result I want is the 6th.


This is especially true with folders because I have many folders with close names.


I also have quite a lot of fallback searches (6 or 7).


You will easily understand that I often have to browse through the results


Arrow keys are great but not always the best solution. 


Tab key seems to be better a better solution or at least a good alternative.

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Hi there, is there a way to set "tab" to go to the next result (just as when you type a search into your Google Chrome search bar and then hit tab to scroll through the results) instead of having it be auto-complete? 

That would make it much easier to use Alfred! Having to move your right hand to reach the arrow keys to do this takes much more time than if one could use the "tab" key. :)

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