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External Triggers Failing


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I have come across a repeating, but not easily repeatable problem. Many times, but not always, when my system has been on longer than a day, external triggers are no longer actionable. This show up mostly in my workflow for TextSoap. When I use the hotkey for repeating the last performed cleaner, it dies at the calling an external trigger. The debugger does not show anything. It just does not do anything. The hotkey copies the highlighted text (OS selection) just fine, but the external trigger never fires. After a reboot, everything works as expected. Since it works after a reboot, I am not sure what is causing the failure.


The external trigger did not work from AppleScript editor either until after rebooting. After rebooting, it works fine from any source.


If you can think of something to test when it fails, let me know.



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Yea, not sure either. Next time it happens, I will try to debug some more. Not sure how to debug. Was wondering if you had any ideas? Also, I was hoping someone else might of seen this as well. If the AppleScript Extenal trigger code is on a separate thread, it might be that thread is dying somehow. I do run many processes, so it might be a memory issue. 


Side note: I have not seen this happen on my 10.10 system (Mac Mini with half the memory as my Mac Air). But, I do not run as many processes on it as it is slow enough.


I have been experimenting with a remote control workflow that launches scripts on a separate system. That workflow is mostly external triggers triggered by Hazel when a dropbox file is updated. Since I have over 20 external triggers on all of my workflows combined, could it be hitting a limit somewhere?



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