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Question about workflow path.

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I guess this is a question that only Andrew can answer, but maybe David F or Vero might be able to weigh in.


I just wonder if someone can confirm whether the folder that the workflow installs itself into is a random string, or is there something more systematic to it? I know that now, whenever I install/uninstall/re-install a workflow, it gets put into a folder like "user.workflow.155A5E43-853F-41C3-B8F4-AE4CF9C84992", and it's different every time, so it seems random. I'm just wondering if this is how it is always going to be, or if the final 2.0 release intends to "standardise" this so that the workflow folder name gets generated from the bundleID, and so will always be the same for re-installs of the same extension.


It's just that I've noticed with my EggTimer workflow, I've made it generate a config file (stored in Application Data/....etc.) that stores the workflow's location so that certain other routines will be able to find the scripts. However, if I delete then re-install the workflow, this config file is now wrong and some things don't work. I guess what I'm asking (in my roundabout way ^_^ ) is: should I bother adding in some extra code to check this path and update it if necessary, or will this be a non-issue in later releases?


Of course, if deleting the workflow in Alfred also deleted the working folders (which it probably should, and I believe Andrew said something to this effect somewhere), then this won't be a problem either. Would be good to know what the plan is here.

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By the time v2 is finished (if I get time), if you set a bundle ID, the folder will be the same as the bundle ID and not a generated UID :)

Great. Just what I needed to know. Thanks Andrew. :)



Edit: Apologies. I only just noticed that the workflow forum has been split into two. This should really have gone into the other one. My bad. :huh:


[Mod: No problem, moved it over for you!]

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