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Alfred URI Handler Workflow

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Alfred URI Handler



This workflow has one command "au:install". Once you run it, a URI handler for Alfred will be installed. This is used to trigger external triggers in any workflow. The format is:


alfreduri://com.apple.AppleScript.AlfredURIhandler?wf=<workflow Bundle ID>&arg=<arguments>&ext=<external trigger name>


The arguments should be URI encoded (ie: no spaces, but %20 instead). If you update the workflow, you have to re-apply the handler. Also, do not delete the workflow or the functionality will be removed.


I use it to make action links in FoldingText to trigger actions in Alfred.


There is also a "search=<search args>" to open the Alfred prompt with a query. It now works. If you already downloaded and installed the handler, please do it again.


Version: 1.1

Date: 9/6/2014

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I use this for making a site map of my flat file website. It is create for opening directories and files in it. The script creates likes like:




Which will open the Custom Computer Tools News directory in PathFinder for me. The site layout program is a ruby script I recently added to my FoldingText Workflow. Once created and open in FoldingText, just clicking the link opens the directory or file I need. Very handy.


I can see other areas to make use of this feature. But, it currently can not be used to start an Alfred session. The Alfred prompt closes too quickly to be useful. If anyone nows a fix for that, please let me know. I am not that good at AppleScript.

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