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Guest warmcocoas


I have found 3 different Todoist workflows. But none of the






But they are all basic with limited functionality. There is no one that you can easily apply reminders, due dates, project, priorities, sub tasks, view todo's for different projects.


https://github.com/jinhuang/alfred-todoist-workflow is the most complete but is buggy.


There are 1.3 million Todoist users so i'm sure there is a cross over with people on the forums and that use Alfred.


If I knew how to code I would totally create one. So if anyone out there wants to create one, I'm sure many people would appreciate it.



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Luckily you don't need a applescript at all, because todoist has its own api ( and modules that wrap the API for programming languages like Python that allow you to create workflows.



Thank you. I'm sure there are users here that can make a Python workflow but I need AppleScript. :)

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Already found an issue, but still works way better than before. So it supports things like

"td a go to store" - no due

"td a go to store monday" - due on monday

"td a go to store tomorrow" - due tomorrow


does not support

"td a go to store may 15"


ill update the read me in the link and try to fix this problem when i have time.

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unfortunately  this workflow is not working for me… I configured the wf with my Todoist API token but I always get the follwoing message: 





This is a problem with character encoding. It's receiving a unicode character but wants an ascii character, so you have to convert the charset. Pretty much each scripting langauge has a way to do this, so just look for the relevant docs on it.

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I made a workflow that makes use of todoist's email task function : 

I've just copied mine, which has another function as well; because sometimes I just want to add an open tab in Safari URL to Todoist. You can simply delete that part if you don't like it. I've used two different Icons, so I know what's what, again you can change that if you want.


Make sure to alter the part where it says : "INSERT TODOIST EMAIL HERE" | in both scripts


It has two functions 

(1) open up alfred and type : td your query becomes your task. You can add a @tag but that's about it. It will use Mail, to send an email. 

(2) open up alfred and type : td link and then whatever is your active URL in Safari will be a link saved, add a query text, that will be the task name. It will be clickable like any other link in Todoist. 


You can download the workflow here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/lohtlm56wcmtvsa/Email%20to%20Todoist%20with%20Alfred.alfredworkflow?dl=0 


Hope that helps!

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