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Efergy Engage current electricity consumption


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Just got my Efergy Engage hub kit for monitoring my power consumption (http://engage.efergy.com).

Since i'm not a fan of the web-interface / iphone app i tried to create an alfred workflow.


Grab it here: http://bit.ly/1tyl4ui.


How to install:

1. Import the workflow.

2. Edit the properties.py:

- open Alfred preferences;

- right-click on efergy workflow, choose show in finder;

- edit properties.py using your favorite editor;

- fill in your username and password:

# encoding=utf-8
_USERNAME      = "<your-username>"


_PASSWORD      = "<your-password>"
- save the file.
3. That is all!


Now type 'efergy', and your latest reading will appear.




Enjoy! Feedback is welcome.

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