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RESOLVED: Possible bug in File Filters - Alfred 2.5 (295)

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RESOLVED: I had to check "with space" to differentiate two file filters with similar keywords (e.g. fc & fcf)  or the results were always from the first keyword. Thanks to all for feedback and assistance.



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Simple File Filter to Open File Workflow. When I use File Type = public.folder, the results include files from inside the folders and swamp out the folder results. Any ideas or is this normal?


I have no idea if this worked in the last stable release as I never used this one before.


My apologies if this has been covered but Google searches, the knowledge base and a quick scan of this form didn't reveal anything to help.





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I have no problems with the files filter for individual file types working as expected. Only "file filters" for folder only. Are you saying you have a filter that only shows folders?




Care to share your file filter workflow for me to take a look? Also, it might be worth doing a reindex (shortcut in Alfred's Advanced prefs) in case there is an issue with the underlying metadata.


One final idea is you have a second workflow with a matching keyword which searches for other file types... perhaps check through your other workflows (you can search the workflows by keyword)

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That appears to be the issue (similar filter filter keywords). The file version uses fc & the folder version uses fcf. I changed the folder keyword to something completely different and it works as expected. As the filters use a space, I would assume "fc name"and "fcf name" would be unique. Is this a bug or am I just expecting too much? Keyword ffc works as well but is not as much of  a mnemonic for me.


Turning off fuzzy matching didn't help.





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