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Dark&Light themes for yosemite (blue and graphite)

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Hi there, I spent a lot of time with the theme editor trying to create a set to fit the new OS X.


I wanted something that feels part of yosemite and looks like the menu bar windows so I made 4 different versions: dark and light with blue or gray selection.


Two screens to see how it looks when I fire cmd+space and type hello:







Link to an imgur album showing selection colors and my preferences: https://imgur.com/a/SiXbW



DOWNLOAD SET (4 themes): http://goo.gl/PxPtVe





1) I tried a version without the separator line but I think it looks more organized in this way.

2) Shortcuts are shown because I use them and I do not like that empty space that is created if they are off... it feels like the alfred window should be cut in half.

3) Subtext is shown with a modifier key (advanced settings).

4) Speaking about the opacity of "background color", I think 75% would look better with the dark theme but there is a reason if it is set to 88%. Alfred blur is different and I really do not like a low opacity theme when I am editing text: you can still see there are words behind.

5) You can change the width by pressing cmd and move the cursor near the borders. A nice alternative is the smallest setting.



QUESTION: the link is dropbox, is there a way to upload files and forget about them without having a dead link?

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Nice, but how are you seeing those divider lines between your search results? I'm not seeing those at all...


[edit] nevermind, I see it now, under "separator colour"

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