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Is it possible to add a workflow result to the default results

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I have a workflow to search and open OmniFocus perspectives.


Instead of typing a keyword and then the perspective name I would like to just type the perspective name and have them show up in the default results.


Is this currently possible?


Edited: Answer edited to provide a bit more info :)


The best way to do this is likely to be with a script filter workflow. I seem to recall OmniFocus has fairly good AppleScript support, so hopefully one of the more experienced AppleScript people here in the forum will be able to help you create it.


There also seems to be some discussion about using AppleScript on Omni's own forum, so you may find the script bits you'll need there:


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Hi Vero,


Thanks for your quick reply.


I have the script and I have the workflow, I'm trying to find out how to add the result of the workflow to the default results.


At the moment I have to type OmniFocus: Forecast


What I want to achieve is that I can start typing "For" and "Forecast" will show up in Alfreds default Results.


In other words, can the result of a filter be included in the default results?


I hope that this makes it clearer.

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