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Workflow to "Show" all open/minimized windows?

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Hello. Is there a workflow to "Show" all open/minimized windows for all your running apps?


I find it very frustrating on my MacBook Pro that sometimes if I minimize the main window of an app, that no matter how many times I click the icon on the Dock, or click "Show Windows", nothing comes up, I have to quit the app, restart it and then just have to remember to not close it again lol.. A lot of the time, I will be running Logic X on one screen and Chrome and iMessage on the other, so it would be helpful to have something that can "Maximize/Show" all open/running windows..


Anything out there?

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You could set up a keyboard shortcut for the "Application windows" option in the Mission Control preferences: When you "quick look" windows of a single app, its minimized windows are shown as small thumbnails below its active window(s)

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