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Any way to workflow "Empty" the contents + subfolder contents into "top" folder?

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Hey guys! 


Hate to be a pain in the ass but this would be a seriously killer workflow for me.. I work as a musician and am constantly going through 1000s of audio samples which are broken up into endless subfolders.. Much of the time I have to spend hours clicking through each subfolder, to be able to cut and paste out the contents.. It would be very nice to be able to do something where I can just click on the "Main folder"/"Top Folder" directory and empty the contents of the rest of the subfolders and directories into the main "top" folder..


This would seriously be so amazing for me! Thank you guys!

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This is simple enough to do with something like Dragon Drop (or just two windows). Instead of hunting around in the subfolders, go to the top-level folder and search for "kind:Audio". You should then have a list of all the audio files in that file tree. Select them and either drag them into Dragon Drop or into the top-level folder you have open in another Finder window.

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