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Allow Web Searches that begin with {query} or {clipboard}

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I use Alfred constantly for work. One of the things we do is manage a ton of WordPress hosted sites. This means that we often need to dive into particular areas of a user's dashboard, such as their media library.


We've set up a snippet that looks like this:




this lets us copy the link to a user's *.wordpress.com site, and then go directly to their Media Library. However... at the moment as a snippet this means that we need to manually open a new browser tab, trigger the snippet, then hit go.

If this was a web search, we could simply trigger the web search keyword and it would open the new browser tab for us, but this isn't possible - as web search URLs must begin with 'http' or similar. 


I get the reason for this, but it would be awesome if Alfred also allowed {query} and {clipboard} to begin the URLs.


In the meantime, I'm sure I can find a workaround using workflows. 




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