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REQUEST - Moreflicks Workflow

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Hi guys,


I regularly use the website Moreflicks to search for Netflix content in different regions.


I know I can set Moreflicks as a custom web search, but what I was wondering was if anyone more technical than me would be able to put together a workflow where one could enter the search term and media kind (e.g. Movies or TV shows), and have Alfred return a list of countries?


To illustrate my idea, here is a screenshot when searching Moreflicks for a movie:-




So, would it be possible to have, say, a workflow with the following options:-


mf m - search moreflicks for movies matching the search term, and return a list of countries where the movie is available on Netflix

mf t - search moreflicks for TV Shows matching the search term, and return a list of countries where the TV show is available on Netflix



Thanks in advance for any help!



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It would be hard.


Moreflicks doesn't have an API (as far as I can tell), which means that, in order to interact with the website programmatically, someone would have to write a screen-scraper, which is usually a tedious task and is also fairly fragile because any change in the website's markup could break the screen-scraper. If you can find an API, then this is much more likely. You could also ask this guy if he could package the screen-scraping code that he wrote for the site. The other aspect is that it seems like creating such a tool would be against Moreflicks' Terms of Use.

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