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Make typed-query history work in "modal" query types, too - scoped history


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By "modal" query type I mean one created by connecting a hotkey directly to a script filter, or by calling an external trigger directly connected to a script filter.

(Alfred then show's that script filter's icon (in place of Alfred's) and directs all input to that script filter - no keyword is being shown.)

As an aside: is there an established/better name for this?


- Currently, the typed-query history (pressing up-arrow or, if turned on, having the last query automatically redisplayed) doesn't work in such modal queries at all.

- Similarly, query strings entered in a modal query do not get recorded even in the general history.


It would be helpful to have a *query-type-specific* (scoped) typed-query history in that event.

I.e., when you enter such a modal query again, only *that* query's history is presented.


In addition or alternatively, query strings from modal query types could be included in the general history, prefixed by their script filter's keyword (if defined).




I realize that I could alternatively define a hotkey to simply open Alfred with a keyword, giving me regular queries that become part of the history,

but I quite like the separate mode / scope that is entered for modal query types - and it does open the door for a scoped history.


Example use case: I have a modal query for searching Evernote that I activate with a hotkey. Having access to past queries there - limited to queries of that type - would be handy.

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