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Tooltips for Workflow Objects


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Alfred's Run Script/Run NSAppleScript actions (and the lines connected to them) provide very little information about what's actually in them (action type and interpreter or the modifier key).


When your workflow has a lot of such actions it quickly becomes hard to remember which one is which, so you basically have to double-click each one open till you find the one you're looking for.


Navigating the actions would be a lot easier if Alfred showed a tooltip when you hover over an action, say, the Modifier subtext for connections and the (first few lines of) the Script box for Run Script actions.



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In my mind, a better (and additional) solution would be to allow object labels. Developers could use this feature to 'comment' their workflows and would help when dealing with especially intricate connections and in workflows with many similar objects.

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That would certainly be more useful. The label could be shown instead of the interpreter path.


My thinking wrt the tooltip is that it wouldn't require any modification of the UI as the user sees it. I would rather have a label, though.

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