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This workflow sends selected files to a Dropshelf.


Dropshelf keeps links to files (and other bits) in a temporary by persistent "shelf" at the edge of the screen.  It is very handy for dragging files and clippings between applications and screens.




This workflow:

  • Sends selected files in finder to a new Dropshelf with ⇧+⌘+D
  • Adds a Send to Dropshelf File Action to Alfred

It requires Dropshelf App from http://pilotmoon.com/dropshelf/


Download the Workflow from here.


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“Sends selected files in finder to a new Dropshelf with ⇧+⌘+D”. Shortcuts aren’t saved when opening a workflow (this is done to prevent conflicts), so users will always have to set one up. It doesn’t make any practical difference in this case, but now you’re aware that setting a good shortcut for others isn’t something you should worry about.

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