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Snippets with (pre-written) random text

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Hello all,


First, thanks for alfred, this is a time saver for me.


I use the snippets to write bits of text that I use all the time like email introduction, chat introduction etc.


I rely very heavily on this as it saves a lot of time.


I would love to have the ability to have a keyword for a snippet, like 'emailopening' that would paste a text from a pool of texts.


This would allow me to have variation in my opening messages and make me look less like a robot.


This is really obvious in chat conversation for example.


Is this something that could eventually come ?


I am pretty sure I could make this in a workflow but it would break the snippet workflow/shortcut.





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Hello all,


You could create a number of different snippets with the keyword "emailopening", so that when you need to start an email, you can open your Snippets, type "emailopening" and choose one of the few options you've created. It won't be random, but will allow you to use a single keyword to bring up all of your varied options.

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