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Use clipboard in Open URL?


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Is there a way to open an URL like this 'http://somesite.com/{clipboard}'?



Yes, you can create a super simple workflow to do this.


In a new blank workflow, add a hotkey object. Set your hotkey, set action to "Pass through to workflow" and the Argument to "OS X Clipboard contents".

Then add an Open URL object, and type in http://somesite.com/{query}


Connect the two together and you're done! Now when you hit your hotkey, the site will launch with your clipboard content as the {query] :)

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Is there a way to do it w/o the hotkey? I never remember all the hotkeys I have set up!


You could also do it with a keyword that attaches to a Run Script. Set the Run Script to grab the value in the clipboard using pbpaste and then "open" the url with the variable in place. Does that make sense?

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