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Add URL to Pocket app (Updated)

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A workflow to grab the current page from Safari and add it to your Pocket reading list via the official Mac app (free on the MAS). Confirmation is output to your default notification method. Pocket will stay in the background and out of your way as long as it's already open when you run the workflow.


Update: I've added a component to add the current URL on the clipboard to Pocket, and changed the default keyword for the original component (of course, you can easily change the keywords to suit your preference).


ap = add current Safari page to Pocket

ac = add URL on clipboard to Pocket












Install from AlfredRepo or Download here: http://d.pr/f/7aYe


This workflow uses some simple bash scripts and the Pocket app's URL scheme. I've barely started to dabble in scripting of any kind, so I would welcome any advice or criticism concerning these workflows  :D

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Great thinking, although there's some things that I'd change. In Alfred v1 I had a similar extension, though this one didn't demand the Pocket App to be open(ed). It was, somehow, directly sent to your online account, which - if you have Pocket App open - makes it accesible locally as well.


I've got no experience with the creation of Workflows, but I guess he used some kind of official Pocket API?


And would it be possible to add the active Chrome-window as a trigger?

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