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Synching Alfred 2 via Dropbox

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I created a bunch of custom url searches in Alfred 2 on my iMac.  I then moved the Alfred 2 to Dropbox and setup a symbolic link.  I also setup a symbolic link on my Macbook pro.  When I started Alfred 2 on my Macbook pro I didn't see any of the custom searches or any preferences that I setup on my iMac.   I do see custom workflows that I have setup.


Is there some file I need to touch to get Alfred 2 to pick up the preferences?    On the Macbook Pro if I tried to re-add one of the custom web searches and it replaced the prefs.plist with just the single new preference.  All the other web searches I setup while on my iMac were wiped out.


Its almost like Alfred 2 doesn't know it need to look in the prefs.plist.


Any ideas or help would be great.

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Syncing is coming soon to the beta - it's code complete but needs some further testing before we release it. Any hacky syncing like what you describe is unsupported and could easily resolve in weird behaviour.


In short, your best bet is to be patient and hold off just a little longer until we make syncing available baked into Alfred :)

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