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Maximum character limit on {query} text passed to workflows


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This is a limit imposed by UNIX, not Alfred, but the error message shown is slightly confusing, and there should be a way to overcome this issue.


Right now, selecting more than exactly 260527 characters on my system and using it in an Alfred workflow (with the Argument:'selection in OS X' setting) as "{query}" will throw an error.

You can see your system's bash argument character limit with:

getconf ARG_MAX

Alfred should allow a way to pass the selection as stdin instead of a quoted and escaped string, otherwise there is no way around this hard limit, and Line-Counting workflows, etc. are useless for larger bodies of text.


^ Confusing error message when selecting too much text.


^ A workflow example that would trigger this.



echo "{query}" > .wordcount
echo "Characters: "$(wc -m < .wordcount)"  Words: "$(wc -w < .wordcount)"  Lines: "$(wc -l < .wordcount)
rm .wordcount
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