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Limiting scope of bookmark search

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For Safari, I have two levels of bookmarks. I have my most used bookmarks (which is like 15 bookmarks) under favorites and they are accessible through the favorites bars (the bar right above the tabs). The rest of the bookmarks are filed away in case I need some information later. There is quite a lot of them and I rarely use them. My problem is I want to use Alfred to access my favorited bookmarks and to simply ignore the hundreds of other bookmarks. Is there a way to limit the types of bookmarks that Alfred searches?


If not, how to I create a workflow that used keywords to open URLs and not to search URLs. It is only 15 websites, so it won't be too difficult to crete 15 workflows.  I have tried to create a workflow to, lets say, open Facebook, but every time I type the Facebook keyword in, Alfred treats it like I am trying search Facebook through Alfred, instead of just loading up the URL. 



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You can use the built-in Web Search feature to load a website when you type in a keyword. For example, you could create an entry that opens 'https://www.facebook.com' when you type 'facebook'.


More information on Web Search features in Alfred v2


I don't know of any way to filter bookmarks by folder in Alfred's default interface. This may be possible for a workflow, but I don't know much about Safari's bookmark system…

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