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Key is remaped if Japanese exist in 'Language and region'


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If I add Japanese to 'Language and region' pane, Key remaping is occurred.


Occurred remapping is:

command + option + ] -> command + C


If I remove Japanese, this problem is avoidable.


When setting a hotkey, Alfred saves the keycode position provided by OS X (e.g. Cmd + Opt + the 6th key position in the top row of the keyboard) rather than Cmd + Opt + Y. As a result, if you change keyboard layout, the same *position* will work, rather than the same letter Y if it has moved on the different keyboard layout.


If the keys move around between your English and Japanese keyboards, set the key combination in the keyboard layout you use most frequently and remember the key position of your hotkeys :)


Let me know if that answers your question.




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