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Reddit for Alfred

Find subreddits and browse hot posts on Reddit.



Get Reddit for Alfred from GitHub.


  • r/ — Show list of popular subreddits
  • r/<query> — Search for subreddits matching <query>
    • or or ⌘+NUM — Show 50 hottest posts in subreddit
  • r/subreddit/ — Show 50 hottest posts on subreddit <subreddit>
  • r/<subreddit>/<query> — Filter posts by <query>
    • or ⌘+NUM — Open post URL in default browser
    • ⌘+↩ — Open Reddit comments in default browser
    • ⌘+L — Show full post title in Alfred's Large Text window

Note: OS X's "delete word" shortcut (⌥+⌫) is very handy for backing
out of a subreddit.


A fairly rudimentary workflow to browse subreddits.

The subreddit search, r/<query>, uses Reddit's API to search for subreddits
that match <query>. 25 results are retrieved by default.

The subreddit search can be a bit odd, which is due to the oddness of Reddit's
search function.

Search within a subreddit, r/subreddit/<query>, only filters the list of hot
results. 50 results are retrieved by default.

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The shift key didn't work for me before but now it does, now I really like this workflow!


I wish there was a place to paste my own urls:


1. manual multireddits - pics+funny

2. personal multireddits - /u/<user>/m/<multi>


Also, how about moving to the next page? Is that possible?

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Wow, that's amazing! Thanks!


Btw, I did a lot of reddit parsing in my day, if I remember correctly, the next page url is dead-simple, it's something like reddit.com/your-url/.json?after=<id>

and the <id> is the last id of the post from the previous page, so it works the same in any reddit url.

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On 1/11/2019 at 3:14 AM, xilopaint said:

Ampersands are showing up in the subreddit descriptions as &amp;.


Can you give me an example, @xilopaint? I really don't feel like entering random subreddit names until I find one with an ampersand in the title, so I can test it.


Also, I think I've fixed your issue with duplicates. It won't help if you've already got duplicates in your cache, but it should prevent any further duplicates from being saved.

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That's a problem with Chrome or your setup, tbh. There's nothing I can reasonably do about it, I'm afraid.


The workflow isn't opening reddit in Chrome, as you put it. It just asks macOS to open the URL, the same way every normal application does. Whether it opens in Safari or Chrome or Firefox or whatever, and how the browser handles it is determined by your OS and browser configuration.

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