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Searching for lost workflow

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I recently had the Apple store wipe and reinstall my MacBook Air only to find out later on that I don't have any backups of my workflows.


So I have a two part question.

  1) I have a time machine backup of the old drive is it possible that the workflows are on there and can be located and moved over. Bearing in mind only the defaults were used when making the backup. Or

  2) Can anyone remember a file management workflow that was made available online by the creator where you selected several files in the finder & by double tapping the CMD button made them available in Alfred where they could be moved/copied etc


Many thanks in advance for your assistance with this.

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Okay I don't think I'm doing anything wrong but it's totally not working for me.


What I'm trying to do is select a bunch of photos in Finder then "double tap cmd" to open Alfred then use alfred to move the files into another folder.


However what's happening is I select the files, double tap cmd, alfred opens and the files aren't showing in the Alfred window like they used to. I can navigate through my folder structure to the folder I want but the options "copy to, move to" don't appear even though they are checked in the action tab.


""Update: I just looked at your photo more closely and I had updated the incorrect kb shortcut. Now I've corrected that it's working perfectly""

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