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Calculator should use ellipsis rather than three periods

Tyler Eich

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This is a totally cosmetic issue (I'm almost embarrassed to submit it. Almost.), but three successive periods is actually an ellipsis, so an ellipsis should be used in its place.



Above: custom calculator using ellipsis

Below: default calculator using three periods

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I was just playing with this and it looks like you get some weird font kerning and rendering going on if you switch out the ellipsis... for example, when you see


Search Google for '...'


and the ... gets switched for real text where ... is the ellipsis character, the shape of "Search Google" changes slightly which looks weird. Seeing as using three dots for ellipsis isn't "wrong" as far as wikipedia says, I'm just going to leave this be. It also means that if there is a font which doesn't support the ellipsis in the future (when there is open ended font selection), then there won't be an issue.




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