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Dashlane integration


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Does anyone know if it's even possible for arbitrary 3rd-party applications to integrate with Dashlane?


I've had a poke around the website and googled a wee bit, and I can't find any indication that it's possible.


It's possible you could abuse utilise the interface used by browser extensions to communicate with the app, but if it's not official, I can't see Andrew going for it.


Alfred offers 1Password integration because 1Password has an official (and fairly simple) way for 3rd-party apps to integrate with it.

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Does anyone know if it's even possible for arbitrary 3rd-party applications to integrate with Dashlane?

Exactly. Everyone asking for this should probably also be doing the reverse: asking the Dashlane developers.

I was also under the impression this request had been answered officially, but wasn’t able to find it on the forums. Googling it’s clear why: it was a tweet. You should also be asking James Paden — if he ended up not building the workflow, perhaps he tried and saw it wasn’t possible, which means he’ll be able to give some insights as to what the impediments are. Also note that tweet is from 2013, so the situation might’ve changed.

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Welp, it looks like we have our answer. No Dashlane integration possible till Dashlane supports 3rd-party integration.


I tried and could not find a way to create a workflow :( 1Password has a feature that allows for limited external integrations (although it doesn't really do what I want either). Dashlane does not have that feature.


Out of interest, what features did you want from 1Password?

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Sorry to resurrect an old thread, but I threw this together in about 10 minutes this afternoon and thought it might help:




It's a really simple workflow that is invoked by launching Alfred and typing df (Dashlane Find). This then launches Dashlane and selects the search box. So, workflow is:



Type df

Press enter

Type what you are searching for (e.g. Gmail)

Select what you need


Dashlane doesn't allow you to select the password etc from the search box via keyboard, so you've still got to mouse to that but it saves a little time...






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That's awesome, Ryan! Your applescript-fu is way stronger than mine. I didn't know applescript can do that. This knowledge will change my life forever.


I expanded the workflow to take the search parameter from Alfred, in case anyone else wants it to work that way:


No problem, James, thanks for the updated version - very cool! I didn't know that the argument is passed through automatically, that's a nice feature to have. 


Vitor - good idea. James, would you like to do this seeing as you have done the most up to date version, or would you like me to (with appropriate mention of your new additions, of course?)

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