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workflow that leverages other workflows


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I'm interested in creating several custom workflows based on the type of activities I perform. For instance, if I'm organizing files, I may have an application window on the left half of the screen and two finder screens open on the right half (top right half and bottom right half). Or maybe a "good morning" workflow where I can open onenote, a weather window, a news window, and spotify filling each quarter of the screen. Hopefully you get the idea.


I'm thinking each workflow would open all specified applications, each with a preset layout (as defined by the Yet Another Window Layout Workflow).




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There's currently no way to link one workflow to another.  You could reverse-engineer that workflow and copy its code or figure out how to call the scripts in the package directly.  But I'd recommend spending $9.99 for Moom and doing this:




I set it up for exactly the kinds of scenarios you describe.

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You could just do it with regular old AppleScript. For instance:

tell application "Finder" to set the bounds of the front Finder window to {0, 0, 400, 400}

(See more about these AppleScript functions here.)


Basically, the four numbers are the bounds of the window that you want, and they're defined on the desktop where (0, 0) is the upper left corner of your Desktop. Note, if you use a dual-monitor setup, then your desktop is both of them together. It's hard to get these programmatically (in a reliable way), but if you know what you want to do, then it's possible.


So, what you'd do is create some sort of AppleScript that opens each and then moves each into the correct quadrant.

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