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3 Feature Requests/Ideas

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First off, great work on Remote - I'm enjoying discovering ways to add value to my workflows already!


Having played around with it a bit, 3 things came to mind that would be amazing to have (and perhaps you have plans for these already...):

  1. Send text from the iOS clipboard to the Mac via a workflow. Not only would this be a great way to get text from iOS to Mac, but it could open up some cool possibilities for manipulating said text or inserting it into workflows on the Mac.
  2. Implement support for URL schemes. Being able to fire off a workflow via Remote as part of a Launch Center Pro or Workflow action could open up a lot of possibilities too.
  3. Send commands to iOS from Alfred for Mac. Again, taking advantage of URL schemes and such, it would be great to be able to pop open Alfred on my Mac, type in a command, and have it pop up on my iOS device (see how Command-C does this, for example). This could be as simple as sending text from Mac to iOS or launching an iOS app, or it could be more complex, like triggering an action in LCP or Workflow.

Anyways, just a few things to think about - and like I said, maybe you already are! In the meantime, keep up the awesome work. Alfred is easily one of my must-have Mac apps.

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