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First of all... Alfred Remote is awesome! It's potential huge and it is SO fun trying it out! I want to replace LOADS of iphone apps with this one eventually :)¨





"Send keystrokes and key combinations¨

Why? Because then I can build my own iphone remote and finally diss Hipporemote and also build in functionality via my mac to control PLEX, Philips Hue, Spotify etc.  (I will try to build it with scripts while waiting but I don't really have the skills needed so google will be my friend)



Screen switching (mission control)



(A bit over the top maybe) - In-air mouse control or trackpad





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Oh, Haha. Thank you dfay! ...But I just now finished my Plex remote using scripts... But now I know how scripts works so I got that going for me. I will try that out next time dfay. Alfred remote is great! Thanks a lot - I'm of to watching my tv series being the reason I needed help in the first place.


But would Clipboard work for sending a command like ESQ or ENTER?

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No....well almost no.  Enter works, but only in text. i.e. if you create a remote command to paste enter from a clipboard snippet, it'll paste an enter in a text document.  But it won't work for hitting the enter key e.g. in a file save dialog.  For this you want to use Applescript and System Events.

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Please add this! The "open alfred" action in remote pops up alfred on my computer, great! now I can type in commands just like I could on my computer... but wait! not so fast, theres no keyboard!


It would be so easy to add an option to send keystrokes, that way I can trigger my existing workflows and do anything on my system just like normal alfred.  I love having these buttons for convenient commands, so I only tap once to do things, but we should have them in ADDITION to normal alfred behavior, not instead of it.





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