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Mission Control / Spaces workflow v0.000001b

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Since a couple of people have asked about it, here's a (functional but ugly) rough cut at a Mission Control / Spaces workflow:




It just uses Applescript to type keystroke commands, so if you've modified your keys, it may have unexpected results.


I'm not going to have time to work on this in the near future, but if anyone wants to run with it (find some nice icons, figure out how to get command-tab working, etc.) feel free.

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Sorry missed this.  I hadn't used it for a long time but tried it out with a new Sierra install and it worked fine straight away with the exception of the Today and Notification Center commands.  It's all using AppleScript to simulate keypresses and mouse clicks, so it may depend on what your keystrokes are set to.  You could try replacing the AppleScripts with Dispatch Key Combo actions - those weren't available back when I made it.  


You can fix Today and Notification Center by changing one line in the AppleScripts:


click menu bar item "Notification Center" of menu bar 2

change it to

click menu bar item "Notification Center" of menu bar 1


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