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Using Remote to change Radium stations

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I've fallen in love with Remote.  For those who use Radium, you can switch stations remotely using the following steps.


  1. In Alfred, click the Remote icon
  2. Optional.  In Alfred, create a new page for Radium (helps if you want to add many stations) by clicking the + icon at the bottom of the left-side pane and select Blank Page
  3. Optional,  In Finder, browse to the Radium app in Applications and drag it to the box for the blank page's icon (this displays the Radium icon in the Remote App for easy ID
  4. Fill in the rest of the Blank Page dialog
  5. In the Radium menubar interface, drag your favorite stations to the Finder (I place them in a folder called Radium on Dropbox to share across all my macs).  This creates .inetloc files.
  6. Drag the resulting .inetloc files to the blank page you created in steps 2-4




If you also use Rogue Amoeba's Airfoil and Airfoil Speakers you can point the output of Radium at the virtual device created by Airfoil Speakers and, in Airfoil, select Airfoil Speakers as the input.  Since Airfoil also has a remote app, this allows you to control all your Airplay speakers (enable/disable them and set their levels).  So, between Alfred, Radium, and Airfoil you have the tools to play the radio, change stations, enable/disable/levelset all your speakers from your iPhone.   Really enjoying this. Many thanks to the Alfred team for dropping a boatload of new options in our laps!

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