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solving the icon bottleneck - ideas?

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I've been working on a couple larger workflows (the Apps and Spaces one elsewhere in this forum, and a remote for viewing and rating photos in Aperture*).


What I've found with both is that writing the workflow scripts and setting up the remote triggers can be done fairly quickly, but then I'm left with the task of locating or creating 12-15 icons for each of the commands on the remote.  Which means a whole lot of searching in Google Images, and/or downloading a stock icon set only to realize that it doesn't have a couple that I need, or spending a lot of time in iDraw....  The visual nature of Alfred Remote (especially with big icons on a Retina iPad....) has added a fairly substantial step to the workflow creation progress.


I'd like to suggest a couple possible solutions or at least ways to help out this situation:


1) could we get copies of the template (assuming there is such) used to make the Alfred Remote System Command icons?


and 2) perhaps there could be a separate forum like the Themes forum dedicated to sharing icon sets?  Then those of us with skills and time to devote to beautiful icons (of which I have neither) can easily make them available for remote workflow development.







* Yes, I know Aperture is discontinued but I have 6 months of unsorted photos and Apple's new Photos app is a distant speck on the horizon.  And the remote should be easily adaptable to Photos when it comes out.

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For whenever the new version of the Alfred Bundler gets done, it includes dynamic icon sets (https://shawnrice.github.io/bundler-docs/icons.html).


But... you can actually use these now-ish. You can preview / download the icon sets in any color you need: http://icons.deanishe.net/ or the mirror: http://icons.shawnrice.org/.


Granted, these are only flat icon sets, but they're still something.


(Note: Dean and I got especially excited about the idea because we both suck at icon creation but have a tendency to write a lot of workflows. Dean wrote the entire icon server. He rocks.)

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I'm crap with icons. I have a set of colours I tend to go back to, and just grab a bunch of appropriate icons from my icon server.


I usually use this script to fetch icons for my workflows (if they have several). It reads this config file and fetches the icons defined in it. I tend to use a lot of the same icons across workflows (for warnings, links, docs etc.).


The same workflow automatically downloads icons for your events in the appropriate.



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