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Feature Request: Workflows

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I've been using Actions for the last year or so and it's kinda okay. 


One of their add-on features that I'd love to see in Alfred remote (and thus would make me ditch Actions all together) is workflows.


For example, you string together multiple actions. As an example:


Step 1, trigger a workflow called "Transmit" (to connect to transmit)

Step 2, type text of X,Y,Z

Step 3, press enter.


Sure, I could build that into an actual Workflow using AppleScript, but then I have to create a new workflow for every single site I want to connect to in Transmit. By having steps to the action Alfred remote's taking, I can tell it to do things in succession.


Another example would be when I want to Send an email.


Step 1, open Mail

Step 2, focus on TO lien

Step 3, type text

Step 4, move to body of email.


(That's a bad example because why wouldn't you just do that on the iPad or OS X, right?)


You get the idea, though. Stepped workflows to allow you to trigger something, type something, or press enter, etc.

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