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Tabulation ignored with echo command

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I have a very simple workflow for pasting the clipboard content at the end of a txt file, with echo.

echo "{query}" >>/Users/.../mytextfile.txt && osascript -e 'tell application "Terminal" to close window 1'

It works perfectly... but when the string contains a tabulation, the tabulation is ignored. How can I keep the tabulation?

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OK, I think the issue is using just bash.  If you shift your script from bash to AppleScript (osascript), you can set a value defined from the clipboard, and output it as text to keep the tablature. IE:

set myValue to the clipboard as text
do shell script "echo " & myValue & " >> /Users/.../mytextfile.txt"

With bash alone, one would have to grab the clipboard and search for tabs and replace with \t on each instance ... it's messy!

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