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{request} Click-and-drag-to-select & drag-and-drop workflows

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IMO, the single biggest impediment to organizing my workflows is the inability to multiple-select or click-and-drag to select workflow objects.

I'd like to be able to higlight a chain of objects to move them around within a workflow, for example. Or to drag all of my objects within the workflow to the top of the workflow window. But I can't multiple-select them. Even better would be to click-and-drag to select them. I can't even select-all.


And how about a one-click 'tidy' command? Like the mac desktop, it could snap-to-grid and/or more efficiently use the workflow creation window.



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This is definitely something that needs addressing.


The workflow editor very quickly becomes annoying to use as the number of items in the workflow increases.


Reorganising a large workflow is a nightmare. Even if other elements moved out of the way when you drop another element above/below them, that would be a big improvement.

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