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{request} Click-and-drag-to-select & drag-and-drop workflows

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IMO, the single biggest impediment to organizing my workflows is the inability to multiple-select or click-and-drag to select workflow objects.

I'd like to be able to higlight a chain of objects to move them around within a workflow, for example. Or to drag all of my objects within the workflow to the top of the workflow window. But I can't multiple-select them. Even better would be to click-and-drag to select them. I can't even select-all.


And how about a one-click 'tidy' command? Like the mac desktop, it could snap-to-grid and/or more efficiently use the workflow creation window.



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There are some nice ideas there, particularly the “tidy” one. That one would likely be the most useful for most people, and would perhaps be the easiest to implement.


You’re on the wrong forum, though, as that needs to be implemented in Alfred itself, not a Workflow. Feature Suggestions is what you want.

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This is definitely something that needs addressing.


The workflow editor very quickly becomes annoying to use as the number of items in the workflow increases.


Reorganising a large workflow is a nightmare. Even if other elements moved out of the way when you drop another element above/below them, that would be a big improvement.

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