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Dealing with greater-than (>) in bash script output

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I use Toodledo for my task management, largely because of its ability to parse nearly all task attributes via text-based macros in the subject line of a task emailed in, like so:

Task title *folder * !! >startdate #enddate @context %tags

(The sitting-alone * is to star the task; the exclamation points are to set importance.)


I'm trying to use a bash script in a workflow so that I can open a mailto: link with the address and subject coded with the query I paste in (this format: mailto:addressee@domain.com?subject=word%20word).


It's working great, except that it seems as though the script chokes in some way on the ">" in front of the startdate.


In other words, a query of 

Task title *folder * !! >startdate #enddate @context %tags

results in an email addressed to the proper sender, but with the subject reading only "Task title *folder * !! ", and leaving off the rest.


If I remove the ">", everything works fine.


Is there a way to in some way escape the ">" when executing the script?






A backslash will escape it, but I had backslashes being escaped in the script component of the workflow. Turned that off, added the backslash, and it's good to go.

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