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Request - Alfred remote in notification

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It will be great if we can config some Alfred Remote actions to be in Iphone notification. Instead of opening app and select action, we can pull down notification center and select those actions. It will make us calling those actions much more faster.


Thanks & Regards,

Tung Dang

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Though a good idea, it would probably be risky at this point, in terms of time wasted. Launch Center Pro did it and had to remove the feature. The approval process on the App Store for innovative features right now is a mess, and until we see some clear sign from Apple that they’re fixing it1, spending resources on it would likely be a bad idea.

1 And yes, it is broken; just not technically, but in a managerial way instead.

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I think this case is different with Launcher. Launcher is removed from store because its widgets interact with other apps(phone, message,..). But in our case, widget just call Alfred remote to do stuff inside our app (just like Evernote or other widgets). It's my opinion :)

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I think this case is different with Launcher. (…) It's my opinion

It doesn’t matter what we think. Those kinds of technicalities and interpretations of what is allowed or not mean absolutely nothing for Apple, has they have have unclear rules and the final say. What we think should or not pass review has no influence on if Alfred’s developers would waste time by implementing such a feature.

Right now, that is a risk. It’s the sad state of the current App Store, but it is a fact.

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