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Skype Conversation Volume via Remote how ?

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im using Alfred since Dezember last year and its just awesome :D

I got now the Remote app and find it quite useful as i can invoke workflows easily with it.


However do i have a thing i cannot get to work.

I'm everyday in Skype calls and use workflows to call, message and mute in Skype.


What is missing, is to be able to increase and decrease the Volume of Skype itself.

I already have a Remote action, to decrease and increase the System Volume but cannot do it for Skype itself.

Skype has a key command to invoke the volume up/down of conversations which is: Command+Alt+Up/Down.


My Question now is, does anyone know how to take action or send a command to Skype to do this via Alfred(Apple script) ? 


Like this:


tell application "Skype"

  if (send command "GET MUTE" script name "MuteToggler") is equal to "MUTE ON" then

    send command "SET MUTE OFF" script name "MuteToggler"


    send command "SET MUTE ON" script name "MuteToggler"

  end if

end tell



Thanks :)


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I just tried it now with a game on :/ when im in a game then it doesn't work anymore :( like my sound changing and Itunes action everything works just that doesn't D:

Is there maybe a way to make it work, even when you are in a game ?


The Mute for Skype does work in game mmhh

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The game is probably blocking system events somehow. Are the other commands making use of AppleScript system events? I can see that the Skype mute one doesn't & I'm pretty sure that the iTunes stuff also can be done in AppleScript without using system events. But Skype doesn't expose volume to AppleScript so you need to use system events there.

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Damn :/ well thank you for you help. Maybe Skype includes volume commands in the future.

How did you find out that Skype doesn't expose volume to Applescript ? Like that you can't use a command like the "Mute" ?

I was trying to find out commands for it but idk how (except google, which didn't show me a list or so). This would be also useful to know for other Apps in the future.

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If you open Script Editor then open the Dictionary for Skype, the only command there is 


sendv : Send command string to Skype API


command text : command string

I couldn't find any current info. on the Skype API -- what there was suggests that it's being phased out, see e.g. https://scribie.com/blog/tag/skype-desktop-api/ in favor of Skype URIs which as documented here: https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/office/dn745878.aspx don't expose volume.

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