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Alfred Updating Prompt is Intrusive/Annoying


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When a new Alfred update comes out, the application wants to prompt the user that a new version is out which is understandable (unless a UI-less auto-update feature is added, but this is an entirely different matter). The process tends to always be something like this though:


I am working on my computer and all of a sudden Alfred steals focus from the application I'm using just to alert me a new update is out.


So I decide to download the update. Now it brings up a change log window. Already frustrated enough, I just ignore it. I never read any of the changes anyway - I possibly would be more interested if it was inlined like any app using Sparkle though for instance, but that's not the case here.


Once the download is finished, I tell Alfred to restart, because I want to go back to my work and be done with it -- but it now shows the Preferences window (General tab) for me that I have to manually and immediately dismiss - and I have no clue why it even does this since it wasn't open before the app terminated.


Alfred is a good app otherwise for me, but I think this experience is something that should not be overlooked.


I'm on Alfred v2.6 now and have the power pack license.

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I think this experience is something that should not be overlooked.


I fully agree with you, the update process isn't very smooth and this is something which I have had planned in for overhaul for some time. You can definitely expect improvement in this area in the future!

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