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Sleep Button not working when console is locked

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I noticed and tested and found that the sleep button does not work if your MAC is already locked.  I tried launching an App or activating Alfred and that works if the MAC is locked but Sleep function does not.  This was one the primary reasons I bought the app so I could sleep my MAC from my phone at bed times so I do not have to unlock my screen and but my machine to sleep.  


Has anyone else notice this behavior?

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im using this workflow to unlock my mac and wake it up from LAN http://www.packal.org/workflow/remote-key

And i noticed the same. It also doesn't work when its in screensaver or Alfreds lock.


The unlock workflow doesn't work in the usual lock from Alfred, just so that you know in case you wanna use it. Better 

is when you leave your desk, to put on screensaver. That way it comes to the normal lock screen and can log in.


If you have problems with your password(like me), then just replace loginPw with "your password" and 24say with your id(in the workflow).

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