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keystroke q returns wrong variable

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Hi there


i'm currently probing some of Alfreds Actions and Workflows and it seems i'm a bit stuck ;)


I'm using a file filter which searches for pdf in a specific folder and opens a pdf with a specific text in it. After that, i have a second action RunNSAppleScript and i want to search for that particular text within the preview app. I'm using "keystroke q" to input the search parameter into the search field but it enters the whole filename there instead of my original search parameter. How do i work that out? 







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Hy Tyler, no worries, thanks for your help so far. I need the functionality for my exams where i'm allowed to bring a computer (he has to be offline). So i can search a lot of documents with the help of Alfred, but i really need to expand the search within the document to save valuable time. I hope there's someone who can help me with my dreams ;)

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Well, theoretically, you could create a Script Filter with the same keyword as the File Filter. Have the script filter just save the query to some file and output no text. Then, for the AppleScript, read the contents of the file and use that instead of the {query} variable to put into the search.

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