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Keynote Remote

Manage your presentation of Keynote with Alfred Remote iOS App



Open Keynote, Start presentation in fullscreen, resume presentation and move to back next slides


How to install

Download package in this link and open with Alfred 2 and then go to Remote tab click in + button > workflow and click in Keynote Remote menu. Enjoy :)




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I doubt it -- the remote functionality in iOS Keynote has improved a lot since this was created (I think it may have still been a separate app back then).


Actually....I just downloaded this and installed it and it works just fine.  The workflow itself appears blank but the .data files are there in the directory and if you go to Preferences > Remote > + > Workflows it's there & you can add it to Remote.


Having said that unless you have a compelling reason to use Alfred, I'd recommend using iOS Keynote but I tend to use a lot of presenter notes.

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