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Web searches: copying the argument to the clipboard via a modifying key.


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Web searches are very useful. For example, I've set web searches for iconfinder and iconarchive. When I do not find the result I want on one I search on the other one.


It means I have to retype a keyword + the query. For example: I type "sico {query}" when I want to search on iconfinder.com.


I can already search Spotlight / the default fallback via a modifying key but I would like to copy the {query} to the clipboard via a modifying key. 


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@consilver Great ideas! Thanks!


1°) It doesn't work for workflows that list results (e.g. the Youtube Search workflow from Simon Stovring).


2°) Interesting workaround but retrieving the copied query from the clipboard is sometimes longer than writing a new keyword + a new query...

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@dfay Thanks for your answer! I didn't know you could only copy the query (i.e. without the keyword). I understood "query" as "keyword+query". My bad. Now understand what @consilver really meant. Great feature!


You are right I can't beat a command+v... even if I have to hit cmd+left arrow to move my cursor at the right left of the Alfred search bar.


By asking this question I was also thinking about a use case I didn't mention in my question. I am talking about web searches with suggestions (i.e. youtube, google search, amazon workflows with suggestions). I do not think I can copy the query (not the keyword+the query) in the clipboard in that case. Am I right?


As I was trying to find a solution, I saw that, when a suggestion of these workflows is selected, alt and ctrl keys let you search. Hitting the cmd key does nothing.

So, I thought what a better place to add an action modifier that would let me copy the query.  What do you think?

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I think this does what you're asking for with a regular web query.  




The principle would be the same with any existing workflow - you need to duplicate the search action and add the bash script, and link both of them to the keyword with Ctrl modifier active.


So it's a bit of work to set up, but I think it can be done with existing tools in Alfred.  


But I have to say, after using it, I agree that it would be a great built-in feature.

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